Annikken Bluetooth Shield - create functional UI App on Android
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Annikken Bluetooth Shield - create functional UI App on Android

( Annikken )

Annikken Andee is a smart Bluetooth shield for Arduino. Control your Arduino projects with your very own smart phone. Create a functional UI on any smart phone easily. UI customization of layout with multiple on-screen buttons, sliders, text input, etc.. via Arduino IDE. NO App programming knowledge required.

Annikken Andee provides the learning tools to connect to the widely popular Arduino programming language. Created as a gateway to integrate mobile devices to their projects. Learn how to code and create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on both iOS and Android devices without app programming.

Bringing together interactivity, collaboration and creativity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) into the hands of a Maker. Built with Arduino, Pair it with Annikken Andee.

There are some improvements/changes that comes with the 2015 edition
- MicroSD Card instead of SD Card
- 1.27mm pitch jumper slot for easy change of SPI chip select pin
- 5V pin (beside 3.3V pin) is now connected to 5V (ICSP).
- Shorter header pins for connection with Arduino, giving a flatter height profile
- Removal of SV2 and JP3 connectors (they are unused anyway)
- AIO pins (located on left) are currently unused, we will release proper documentation about it when we are ready.

Note that firmwares for 2015 editions and previous editions are NOT the same. That is you cannot flash the 2015 edition shield with a firmware made for the 1st generation Andee Android shields.

- Requires an Arduino board
- Communication with Arduino: SPI port with pin 8 as chip select.
- Operating voltage: 5V (supplied from the Arduino board)
- Bluegiga WT11i Bluetooth 2.1 Class 1 Module (FCC CE Certified)
- Range: appx 100m
- Dimensions: 68mm (L) x 53mm (W) x 23mm (H)

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