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BASIC Commander MCU Book - Chinese Version

 ( Innovati )
BASIC Commander MCU Book - Chinese Version
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This book gives a brief overview of Microcontrollers. Microcontroller (or microprocessor) can be described as the core of the robot control is generally applied to all areas of our life. It attemps to provide a thorough understanding and application of a micro-controller features. Microcontroller used in this book is based on the *BASIC Commander ® , by Innovati. The microcontroller  uses the innoBASIC Workshop development environment,  similar to the BASIC language syntax  - easy to get started. Complex microcontroller and peripheral devices are packaged into an easy-to-understand innoBASIC command, so that the user need not delve into the internal architecture of the chip. Thus, even non-electronic related professional backgrounds can quickly become familiar with the entire system. The book will be base on sample application of InnoBot and **InnoRace -  describes the obstacle avoidance, line following, racing car handling principles and the PID control program writing skills.

*BASIC Commander - http://www.robot-r-us.com/microcontroller/innovati-basic-commander-24-pin-bc1.html

**InnoracerTM is controlled by the BASIC Commander® and featured with two built-in modules, namely RacerM1 and RacerP1 module. It is a wheel-type robot kits.


This 250 page book comes with a Companion CD-ROM to provide more information not available in the book.


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