SchmartBoard Dev Board A for 8 Bit PICMicrocontroller - 71004
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SchmartBoard Dev Board A for 8 Bit PICMicrocontroller - 71004

( SchmartBoard )

SchmartBoard Development Board A for the 8 Bit PIC® Microcontroller

This PIC® Microcrontroller Development board supports 116 different PIC® Microcontrollers. This board is fully populated except for the PIC. You hand solder the PIC using our "EZ" technology, configure the jumpers for you PIC part number and start programming. No other PIC® development board can come close to giving you the flexibility and low cost as this product. This one board supports almost all of the 8 Bit PICs available in a 1.27mm pitch SOIC package type.(see list of supported devices)

8 Bit PIC A Instructions

8 Bit PIC A Schematic

8 Bit PIC A Supported Devices

8 Bit PIC A Configuration

8 Bit PIC A Board Dimensions

8 Bit PIC A Bill of Materials

8 Bit PIC A Setup






SchmartBoard|ez QFP and QFN to DIP adapter

SchmartBoard|ez 1.27mm Pitch SOIC to DIP adapter

Hand Soldering an SMT Connector With SchmartBoard|ez

Hand Soldering through hole components using SchmartSolder

Hand Soldering an SOIC Part with SchmartBoard|ez

Hand Soldering SMT Discrete Components with SchmartBoard|ez

Hand Soldering .5mm QFN Component With SchmartBoard|ez

Hand Soldering a .5mm QFP Chip With SchmartBoard|ez

Hand Soldering BGA with SchmartBoard|ez

Connecting SchmartBoards

SchmartBoard Recommended Materials



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