Brushless Motor Controller - 10A ESC
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Brushless Motor Controller - 10A ESC

( RC Product )

This ESC has simplicity and reliability. With a basic set of programming features these ESCs are a perfect solution for anyone looking for a basic yet robust speed controller.

Max Amps: 10A
Ubec: 5v / 1A
Cells: 2~3s Lipoly
Size: 40mm x 7mm 18mm
Weight: 7.3g (Inc Wires)

Note: The UBEC on this ESC is 5v / 1A.

ESC manual setting options

• How to enter the option set mode:
1 Connect Motor and ESC and Receiver, but be careful not to connect the battery and the
ESC's power cables.
2 Switch on transmitter, and have the throttle to the highest position (full throttle). (Note:
most of  Futaba transmitter's throttle position is reversed.)
3 Connect ESC and battery power cable, ESC will control the motor to sound with some
rhythm beep sounds.

• How to set option:
After entering option mode, the motor will sound some regular tweet sounds: one or more
short sounds (depending on different specifications, see Table 1.1). These
sounds are the current options of the ESC program tone, each tone will be repeated three
times, after that,  will change to the next option, the sound can be set before the end of the
command input. Menu option is cyclic, if missed, could once again reach such a tone, it just
takes some time. Options beep meanings as follows:
When the option alert tones appears, because it is 3 cycles, it is recommended you watch
the first time, when heard the second voice, confirm and operate setting at once. Pull stick
in the end of throttle (off throttle) position, the motor will emit a long high-tweet to confirm
the current options and save data and exit setup status. As the throttle in the closed
position, a prompt beep sound (see Table 2.1) will be followed by ESC
restarts and enters ready to start the motor..

Table 1.1 (MENU description for 10A/20A/30A/40A/BEC50A boat/ aircraft low voltage

Beep Sound Beep              --> sound's Meaning
-   one short high tone beep   --> main option I: NiMH battery*
--  two short high tone beeps  --> main option II: Li-Po battery
--- three short tone beeps     --> main option III: Brake setting**

The protection Voltage of LI-PO battery is 3.0V per cell, number of cells automatically detected.
The auto cutoff voltage of NiMH battery is to take power voltage's 60%

Table 2.1 (start up audio description for 20A/30A/40A boat / aircraft low-voltage ESC)

Beep Sound Beep              --> Sound's Meaning

___ 1 long high tone beep      --> Li-Po battery
--- 3 short high tone beeps    --> NiMH battery

* This option is the factory / default.
** Brake setting is repeatedly switch, that means,if corrent setting is brake on, then resetting
is brake off.


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