Mini Arduino Bot - 2 Robot in one
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Mini Arduino Bot - 2 Robot in one

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Designed as an introduction to robotics. This robot has some autonomous behavior but is also controlled via the supplied universal TV remote making it ideal for younger students.

The mini bot is actually 2 robots in one bot. You get to choose which robot to build.

1. Mini Biped

2. Mini Hexapod


Using the remote you can make the robot walk forward, backward, turn left or right or stop and kick with either the left or right foot. As the center position of servos can change with temperature, the servos can be calibrated using the remote. New positions are automatically saved in EEPROM.


If the robot detects a nearby object while walking forward it will stop automatically. When stopped, the robot can track the movement of nearby objects and will kick at an object on the ground if it gets too close. The speaker on his back will emmit a warbling sound that changes pitch as the object gets closer or further away.

Using an ATmega8A MCU this robot is Arduino / AVR compatible and comes pre-loaded with the Arduino bootloader and demonstration software. An IR receiver and IR LED connected to the RX and TX pins make IR communications possible.

Spare digital and analog pins are available on the back pack PCB with Vcc and Gnd pins allowing for additional servos and / or sensors to be added. The robot can be re-programmed using either the TTL serial socket or the ISP socket (USB interface card provided).

You can assemble an army of this little robot to have a football match...


Mini Bot Manual




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