Innovati Joystick 2A Module
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Innovati Joystick 2A Module

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Product Overview: Innovati’s Joystick 2A module provides simple setup and position reading functions. Users can easily customize Joystick 2A module to fit their own needs. By connecting the Joystick 2A module to Innovati’s **Basic Commander through cmdBUS, users can run various customized functions and achieve intuitive control of devices such as robots, robotic arms, etc. Joystick 2A provides two kinds of coordinate systems: rectangular and polar. Depending on their applications, users may switch to any one of the two coordinate systems. In addition to x- and y-axis movement control, Joystick 2A also has one button for complex applications.

**Must use with Basic Commander


User Manual - HERE

User Manual -

 - Robotic arm control: controls the rotation angle of the robotic arm with a polar coordinate output.
 - Remote control of cars and aircraft with the use of wireless output module.
 - The operation of various testing equipment
 - Motor control: controls motor acceleration with the use of a motor module and motor fixed-speed cruising with the use of buttons.
 - Control of all Innovati’s application packages .
Product Features:
 - Easy setup: To use the dedicated instructions for various applications, all that is needed is to connect Joystick 2A module to BASIC commander through cmdBUS.
 - 2-dimensional movement.
 - Two return coordinate systems: Joystick 2A provides return values in two coordinate systems: rectangular and polar. Users can choose either coordinate system at any time or use both simultaneously.
 - 4-way and 8-way joystick positions: for fast and intuitive control of various basic control applications
 - Large origin range: 0~10% customized origin range, preventing joystick bouncing.
 - Return value limit: Users can set limits for all return coordinates and thus limit the joystick operational range.
 - Customized resolution: The return coordinate can have at most 128 levels and the polar angle has at most 360 levels. Depending on actual applications, the two resolutions may be set individually.
 - The joystick includes a joystick button that can serve as a button; pushing down the stick activates the button function. The customized button functions, including the activation time of keystroke repetition and repetition rates, can be specified through simple instructions.
 - Easy Calibration: Joystick 2A module comes with a calibration button. The calibration of the joystick can be done at any time during the operation.




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