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Mini Bluetooth Module

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Mini Bluetooth Module
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This is a mini Bluetooth Module. Input voltage 3.3v ~ 6v, module with 3V LDO voltage regulator. Support AT command set the baud rate, name, pair password. Search and pairing automatically when the power up. Power, link status indicator. Pins - TXD, RXD, GND, VCC.

The default communication baud rate is 9600, matching the password is 0000 or 1234 Lights blinking when the search. Steady light means connected to the host device.

AT command:

Testing Communications

Send: AT (return OK, one second left and right once)

Returns: OK

Bluetooth serial communication baud rate change

Send: AT + BAUDI

Returns: OK1200

Send: AT + BAUD2

Returns: OK2400

BAUD1 --------- 1200

BAUD2 --------- 2400

BAUD 3 --------- 4800

BAUD 4 --------- 9600

BAUD 5 --------- 19200

BAUD 6 --------- 38400

BAUD 7 --------- 57600

BAUD 8 --------- 115200

Interference causes system instability is not recommended for use

in more than 115,200 baud rate . It will save after power off automatically.

Bluetooth name change

Send : AT + NAMEname

Returns : OKsetname

Parameter name: The name of the current to be set , the Bluetooth name

is searched . Within 20 characters .

For example: sending AT + NAMEdagu

Return OKsetname

At this time the name of the Bluetooth bill_gates. Parameters can be powered down to save , simply modify one . PDA client refresh services can be seen after the change of the name of the Bluetooth

Bluetooth pairing password change

Send : AT + PINxxxx

Returns : OKsetpin

Parameter xxxx: pairing password to be set ,4 bytes.

this command can be used slave or master . Machine is a phone adapter or pop-up window when asked to enter a passcode from the manual input of this parameter can be connected from the machine . Primary Bluetooth module search from the machine, if the password is correct , it is automatically paired , in addition to the main module from the module can be connected to the outer pair other products from the module contains the pair can be connected , for example, a digital camera containing Bluetooth , Bluetooth GPS, Bluetooth serial printers , and the like.

For example: sending AT + PIN8888

Return OKsetpin

Then the Bluetooth passkey is 8888. Parameters can be powered down to save, simply modify once




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